Marketing your Home

Your home is in a competition with other listed properties and you are competing for available buyers. Once listed, we constantly monitor the local market, update you on current conditions and adjust as needed. We will utilize our marketing tools effectively and efficiently to help you find a qualified buyer. 

Basic 3-Step Marketing

Home Presentation/Staging: Properly staging your home can have a huge impact on buyer perception of your home. We will help you make your home as warm and inviting as possible.

Home Price: We closely monitor closing prices, pending contracts and listings in your neighborhood/area to help you determine an “in-market” list price.  An overpriced home will not sell. Your best opportunity to sell your home will occur within the first few weeks when it is new to the market.  If you properly price your home from the beginning your chances of success are much greater. If your home has been on the market more than 1-month or it has accumulated more than 8-10 showings this is a good indicator that a price reduction may be warranted. 

  • Price positioning: Your list price can have an impact on how many buyers see it online.  We will make sure your home is priced for effective market exposure.
  • Price reductions: When necessary, price reductions can be an effective marketing tool. Price reductions are uploaded into the system and show up as a change to your listing. This notification will email or notify any buyers and agents who have searches set up that meet your property’s criteria. 

MLS and the internet: Our local MLS has syndication agreements with national real estate websites. Your property information will be loaded into the Triangle MLS where participating TMLS companies market to their branded websites. 

Standard Marketing Methods

  • Coming Soon: A unique way to market your home while you prepare your home for your first showing.
  • Yard Sign: A 'for sale' sign will be put in your front yard. 
  • Property Disclosure: You will complete an NC property disclosure form and it will be available through MLS to prospective buyers and agents when they view your property. It is important to read the property disclosure thoroughly and understand what you are communicating to a potential buyer. Properly filling out this form can prevent potential buyer backlash during and after the sale of your home.
  • Openness and Honesty: Gather any information about your home that will be helpful to a potential buyer. 
  • Showing Availability: Make your home readily available for showings. Your house will show at the most inconvenient times (weekends and evenings).
  • Social Media: with a targeted ad campaign we can target audiences who have mentioned that they are in the market looking for a new home. All of our listings get a marketing campaign on social media.
  • Open House: May be utilized if market conditions dictate.  
  • Showing Feedback: When your house is shown by another agent the agent is given the opportunity to submit feedback about your home. We constantly monitor buyer agent feedback. 

Enhanced Marketing Methods

  • Pre-Listing Inspections: Pre-listing inspections can be utilized as an extremely effective marketing tool, communicating to prospective buyers that your home is in good condition. 
  • Appraisals: An appraisal can make a buyer feel confident that their offer price has been confirmed within the past several months by a professional appraiser. Appraisals are used on a case by case basis.
  • Reverse Prospecting: We can see which agents have searches set up that fit your home’s criteria. This enables us to reach out to directly to prospective agents.
  • Incentives: additional ways to make your property more appealing. Paying for or offering closing costs, a home warranty, personal property (refrigerator, washer/dryer), etc.