Getting Started

We will start by compiling as much information about your home as possible. Anything that you would want to know about a new home, a prospective buyer will want to know about your home. We believe that the more information you can give to a buyer the more you can solidify your position in the sales process.

Pre-Listing/Preparatory Phase: 

  • Paperwork: You will sign the following: Working with Real Estate Agents Brochure (this brochure explains the agency relationship between agents and their clients), HOA disclosure (if applicable), and an Exclusive Right to Sell Property, Lead addendum (if necessary), NC Property Disclosure, Oil and Gas Rights disclosure, etc. 

Property Information

  • Disclosures
  • Utility information
  • Make a list of the following services you use: pest/termite contracts, security contracts, phone, internet, cable, garbage collection and other relevant recurring monthly services. Compile a list of costs for: water, garbage, gas, electricity, etc. for the past 12 months
  • HOA contact information and access to the HOA website
  • What do your HOA fees cover? We need a copy of the financial statements from your HOA (balance sheet and income statement). You will need to request this information from your HOA.
  • Are there any known or rumored special assessments from the city/county or HOA?
  • Do you have any of the following: recent appraisal, radon mitigation system, home warranty, termite contract, recent survey? List any upgrades to the property and provide contacts for the contractors who completed the work. If you have recently upgraded/replaced the roof, HVAC, water heater, etc. make note of these changes.  Make a list of features you like about your home.
  • Is there any unpermitted work on the house? Do you have copies of any permits you obtained for construction since completion?
  • Supply a copy of your title insurance.
  • Do you have polybutylene plumbing, synthetic stucco, masonite siding, stone veneer, etc.
  • Is there a community septic system? Do you have a septic tank? Do you have a recent inspection and or last service date?
  • Wells: If you have a private well we will need well info (inspection info) with depth/flowrate etc. Is there a community well? If so, who provides service?
  • Mortgage companies and estimated payoff amounts
  • Is your mortgage secured by FHA or VA and is there a pre-payment penalty? Do you have a second mortgage?
  • Are there private roads adjoining your property (is there a written agreement on how they will be maintained)?
  • Are there any known encroachments or easements on your property? Does your property encroach on another?
  • Are there any lead paint or asbestos issues?
  • Do you live in a flood plain? If so, we need a copy of the flood insurance.
  • Do you live in the city limits?
  • Are there any issues with industrial nuisances (noise, landfill, wastewater treatment plant, road proximity, airport, etc.)
  • Are there any community plans that could affect your property that you are aware of?
  • Vacant land nearby or adjoining your property?
  • Pre-inspecti0on and needed repairs/updates?