Getting Started finding a new home

Where to start?

  • Contact a mortgage officer before you begin your home search. This will help you determine how much ‘house’ you can afford. You can use one of our mortgage officers or you can find any mortgage officer you wish. 
  • You will need to obtain a pre-approval letter from your mortgage officer. When we submit an offer on a home the offer should be submitted with a pre-approval letter attached. A pre-approval letter is a method of communication to a seller. It indicates that you have been “vetted” and can afford to purchase their home. 
  • You should obtain a “hard copy” of the pre-approval letter for a set price i.e. $400,000. When time allows, we will try to get a pre-approval letter from your mortgage officer for the specific property you intend to purchase. 
  • Make sure to give your mortgage officer’s contact information to your agent before you start looking for homes. Your agent and your mortgage officer will be working together during your purchase of a new home and it is important that they have a good working relationship.