Closing Preparation

There are many checklist items to prepare for closing day.  You will receive a seller information sheet from the closing attorney.  Completion of this document makes it easy for the closing attorney to gather all the information necessary to close the sale of your home. 

Things to do in preparation for closing

  • Contact all your utility companies at least 1 to 2 weeks prior to closing (Water/Sewer, Electricity, Gas/Propane, Cable, Telephone, Trash pick-up, newspaper etc.). Let your utility companies know that you are moving and the utilities (electricity, gas, water) need to be taken out of your name and shutoff. Always have the utilities cut-off the day after the closing. If the closing is delayed you can call the utilities and have them keep the power/water, etc. on until the closing is complete. It is the buyer’s responsibility to make the actual transfer into their name. 
  • Contact the Post Office to give them a forwarding address.
  • Notify your insurance company that you are selling your house and will be canceling your Home Owner’s coverage. DO NOT cancel your insurance until your house is sold and the deed is recorded.
  • You must have all your personal belongings cleaned out of the house and off your property by the final walk through date (unless otherwise agreed to in the contract). The house should be thoroughly cleaned (preferably by a professional cleaning company) and ready for the new owner to move in. 

Closing Day 

  • Closing is typically conducted in an attorney’s office.  If we have followed the plan, the closing will be a simple formality
  • If married; both the husband and the wife must attend the closing unless prior arrangements have been made for Power of Attorney to be granted.
  • If necessary “power of attorney” original documents should be provided to the attorney 5 days prior to close if possible
  • Bring your driver’s license as the attorney requires a photo I.D.
  • If available, we will send you a closing statement prior to the closing (the closing statement is a record of all the charges and credits that the buyer and the seller incurred during the sale of the house/property). We typically have a chance to review a settlement statement before closing but this is not always the case.
  • Bring house keys and garage door openers or bring one key and note where the garage door opener, owner’s manuals for appliances, and other keys are in the house (typically in a kitchen drawer).
  • Keys - Make sure that we talk about the disposition of keys so the buyer knows when they can receive the keys to their new home. Keys are often transferred at closing but the seller is not obligated to give the keys to the buyer until the deed is recorded.
  • After the closing, ask your Home Owner’s Insurance Company if they will refund you any “unearned portion” of your Homeowner’s Insurance Premium.
  • If you have an escrow account on your loan you will be due a refund from the bank for your taxes and insurance. Call your bank to verify the amount and the expected date of payment. You will not be able to get this check until several weeks after the closing has occurred. Call you bank and give them the closing date and ask them to give you the amount they will refund to you
  • We can have your closing documents prepared early and bring them to you for signature. This needs to occur the week prior to closing. If we can do this work ahead of time, you will not need to attend closing.
  • The attorney will not be able to disburse funds until they have received the money from the lender and after the documents have been recorded with the Register of Deeds office at the courthouse. You will not be able to receive your proceeds at the closing. You may pick up your check or have it wired after the deed is recorded. 

Important Note: 1Red Shoe Realty will never  send you wiring instructions.  Wiring instructions will be sent from the closing attorney and you should verify those instructions via phone with the attorney's office.